A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today….

I stood in the kitchen as Noah ate his breakfast before leaving for school. We had celebrated my birthday the day before and it was clear it was still on Noah’s mind.

“Mom, we prayed yesterday and asked Jesus to bring us our baby girl. I’m bummed that we didn’t get a sister on your birthday.” I paused for a moment wondering how to respond…I’m sure I said something trite about God’s timing and being patient.

He wasn’t satisfied saying, “Mom, I think she is coming soon.” I responded saying, “Well, maybe she will come today, like a belated birthday present.”

“Yes, yes, I think that is it. Let’s pray again,” Noah exclaimed.

So he prayed.

Later that afternoon I sat in Noah’s classroom for a Halloween celebration. I felt my phone buzzing in my purse and knew I was missing a phone call. I ignored it, obviously. Minutes later I felt it buzz again, a text message. I took a peak at my phone.

A text from Brett read: Call me as soon as possible.

Knowing Brett doesn’t send texts very often, especially an urgent one, I was a little concerned.

I checked my missed calls.

I recognized the number. It was an adoption agency.

I glanced at the time. The Halloween celebration would be over in 7 minutes. It seemed like an eternity.

When the program was over I hurriedly told Noah he did a wonderful job, kissed him on the head and shuffled Georgi and Xander out of the room.

I was calling Brett back before we got to the car.

“Ang, the agency called, there is a baby girl, she is 6 weeks old and has Down syndrome. They need a family. Call the agency and get more information.”

My heart raced. I got excited. I got scared. I began to dream and wonder, could this be our girl?

Our belated birthday gift?

The next few hours were a blur as we spoke with the agency, prayed, talked and put our “yes” on the table.

We would wait over the weekend before we would hear if the birth family wanted to meet us….

The wait was long.

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