“My (church) Kids”…when tragedy strikes.

I spent the better part of a decade serving a church as the children’s and youth director. I moved across the country, alone, for the job. The people in that church were my family, they anticipated my arrival, welcomed me, fed me, fixed my junky car, they loved me.

I watched many grow from children to young adults. I traveled out of country with some, all over the country with others, served our area with many. I sat around campfires with them, cried with them when they lost a friend, prayed with them to accept Christ. I have seen them graduate from high school and college, work dream jobs, go on mission trips to Africa, get engaged, get married, have babies.

I left that job 3 years ago this week. And yet, I still think of these “kids” as “my kids.”

I love them.

So when tragedy strikes one of them I mourn.

I cry.

I get mad.

I hurt with them.

I pray for them.

One of the first family’s that had me over for dinner when I moved across the country for the job was the Ehrman family; Sandy, Daniel, and Spencer. Sandy had cooked an alfredo pasta meal with green beans on the side…and probably something else…but it was 11 years ago.

I sat at their dinner table and learned about their lives. What they liked, where they had come from, what their dreams were. I distinctly remember how thrilled they were to be in their home. I’m not sure how long they had been there, but not long.

The road to getting this home hadn’t been paved in gold. It was work. It was sacrifice. It was a dream come true.  Memories were made. They shared holidays there, gathered with friends there, the boys poured over homework in that home, sharpened their piano skills and grew into young men there.

It was home.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday morning that home burnt to the ground. No one was home, which is a great blessing, but the home and everything in it is a complete loss.

As you can imagine the devastation is breathtaking and the need is great.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to the Ehrman family as they put the pieces back together?

Donations can be made here.

Thank you for your gift and for your prayers.

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