Isa-what? Health & Orphans

I touched on my Isagenix journey in my previous entry here. But really, what is it?

I know what you are thinking, “Angela, you have lost your mind! Losing that kind of weight in such short order is unhealthy, I’m sure you have the shakes and heart is palpitating 672 times an hour…and really, are you running to the bathroom non-stop…it’s  a fad, it will die down, you will lose interest and be fat again.”

Ok, so maybe you aren’t wishing me fat again…are you???….but you’re thinking the rest. I did too. Honestly with the amount of crap that is on the market and the “get-it-now-be-satisfied-and-fixed-immediately” culture we live in I would be concerned if you didn’t think some of those things.

The fact is….

We should be very aware we are putting into our bodies.

Because it matters.

So what is Isagenix and the 30 day cleanse? Why should I cleanse? Is this also a business venture for me? Why not you, why not now?

What is Isagenix?  

Isagenix is a foundational nutritional program that improves health. It is a whole body health nutrition, not just for weight loss.  Isagenix is about putting the best quality foods into your body so you can function at the health level you were created to. Organic, no soy, gluten free, no stimulants, and no harmful artificial sweeteners

If I do a 30 day cleanse with Isagenix what might I expect:

  • Energy boost
  • Consistent weight loss over time
  • Reduced cravings for unhealthy food
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Balanced digestion

Here is some great info on why to cleanse and why cleansing is for everyone, not just for weight loss:

Will I continue to use the isagenix products?

YES! I feel amazing! I cannot believe the transformation my body and mind are having. My kids LOVE the shakes and I know they are so good for them. They are getting an excellent balance for protein and carbs in these shakes…it sets there day up well.

Furthermore Isagenix has an amazing compensation plan and after just a few shorts weeks I am getting these amazing product for free! I expect in no time Isagenix will not only be benefiting our families health but also our finances.

Am I pursuing this as a business?

I’d be crazy not to! Free health food for our family, feeling amazing, and financial blessings….what could be better.

WELL…it gets better. The Isagenix team I have joined, Adoptagenix, is committed to getting this amazing nutritious food and product into Orphans around the world! What an amazing blessing it is to sow health and wellness into Orphans and fund families that are bringing the Gospel to those children and families around the world.

The Lord has given me a vision to pursue this to further the Adoption Ministry we are starting in our hometown. I couldn’t be more excited!

Why not you? Why not now?

Be a part of this vision and be blessed yourself.

The holidays are here! The average person gains 5-15 pounds over the holidays. Don’t wait to make the decision for health, you deserve it. Set yourself up for success. I have found the 30 day cleanse to SIMPLIFY my life…it is easy and fast and I feel good about it. No guilt, all freedom.

I would be tickled to have you as part of my team, to see your and your families health transformed. For more information on how to get started message me here or send me an email at


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