Chicken Butt

Hey All!! Thanks for checking in.

We are in full-on baby mode. Organizing baby clothes, researching baby wearing, stocking up on diapers and preparing the house (read:nesting, yes it happens to adoptive parents too).

We got a deal on a bunk bed about 10 days ago and have moved Noah and Georgi into one room.  It is a party in that room!!

The first couple nights were long, but it is getting better. They like to tell the SAME joke to each other for hours:

“Guess what?”


“Chicken butt.”

(Insert endless laughter)

Apparently that is EXTREMELY funny.

We are happy to report that our current car seats will fit three across in our vehicle! YEA!!

Getting to know our birth family continues to be a blessing.  We will get to spend some time with them this coming week.

That brings us to our prayer requests.  If you have prayed for us and for this process consider yourself a part of this journey. You are making a difference; you have made an eternal investment in our lives, the life of this child and the lives of this birth family.

  • Would you remember these points in your prayers in the coming days?
  • The birth family – we love them. They are remarkable– the emotions they are feeling are beyond any words I have. Pray for them.
  • The sweet baby boy – for health, for bonding. Pray that the Lord would speak our voices to him even now while he is in the womb so that he would recognize us after delivery.
  • For Noah and Georgi – change is hard.
  • For our finances surrounding the adoption.
  • For Brett and me. Satan hates adoption, hates it – but God is bigger than our enemy.   Please intercede for us during this time.

Thank you all so much.  We are blessed to have you on this journey.

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