Bunk Beds, Skinny Car Seats (or a minivan) and Tiny Diapers

Friends – even before we began our adoption journey we thought about it for years.  THIS is a post I have dreamed of writing for all those years. 

What would I say?  

What details do I share?

How do I put it into words.

As it turns out…my words will be few.

We have been matched with a birth family.

We have been able to get to know the family a bit and we cherish them. Beautiful people that love their baby. The birthmom, she is a hero, a gem.  

Because we love and respect our birth family we won’t share much for details. But know this, we are amazed at the story God is penning.  It is far beyond anything we could have imagined.  He is the greatest author.

Pray for the birth family. For the baby. For us.

We covet your prayers. 

Oh, it’s a boy. Due the end of March.

Time for bunk beds, skinny car seats (or a minivan) and tiny diapers.




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3 Responses to Bunk Beds, Skinny Car Seats (or a minivan) and Tiny Diapers

  1. Michele Nordine says:

    also have few words….just these: Praise Him and Congrats!!!! Oh, and can’t wait to hear more and more and more!!!

  2. Pam Campbell says:

    I knew god would bless you some day. Your are a wonderful family. The baby will be very blessed

  3. Robin Sue says:

    Wonderful! We adopted our youngest daughter from South Korea. A great adventure indeed!

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