Adoption Consultant

I’m actually going to attempt to bust out two blogs today….we shall see.

But first, the CHANGE I spoke o in the last post!

A lot going on in our adoption world these past couple weeks! We have switched things up a bit and prayerfully decided to go with Christian Adoption Consultants (CAC).  I have talked about the “what’s “ and “why’s” of having an adoption consultants here before.  You can click here for CAC’s outline of just what they do.

We wish we would have gone with CAC months ago – even before we did our home study.  Because Adoption is emotionally involved and incredibly legally complicated it lends itself to GOBS of questions.  It would have helped and eased our hearts to have our Consultant, Tracie, on board with us from the start. 

So now what! CAC has done the hard work of researching and learning about Adoption Agency’s across the country.  They have a pulse on the adoption laws in several states and know which state’s laws are favorable for adoptive parents. Through their experience they can look at an adoption situation and have some discernment in the “risk factor” of any given case…. Huh? Risk Factor? Adoption is a risk – in every situation there is a possibility of a birthmother changing her mind and deciding to parent her child.  More on that in the other post I hope to pound out today.  Please note that I said CAC has “some discernment” of risk factors – they can see red flags – but by no means can they, or anyone for that matter, guarantee any adoption situation.

So, we are busy applying to several different agency’s as well as filling out stacks of paperwork in hopes of getting a matching grant.  While this might sound like a pain in the hiney – I am really enjoying it.  It is exciting for me to peruse other adoption agency’s websites and learn about what they are doing in the adoption world.  It is part of our journey and I am taking in every step of the way.  

As always – keep us your prayers.

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