An Entertaining Change

Do y’all remember our horrible-tacky-bachelor-pad-esk entertainment center? The one I was hoping our social worker would deem unsafe and thus require us to get a new one in order to pass our home study.  Just in case you need refreshing (as we did our homestudy MONTHS ago.) Here it is:

Bad, right?

Well, let me tell you – we have a change in the entertainment center department!!  WHOOP! WHOOP!

C’mon, now do it with me – WHOOP! WHOOP!

I pretty much had all of August and September employment free – so the kids and I hit several garage sales seeking out deals.  Wouldn’t you know I found a beauty in the rough?  I so wish I would have taken a picture of it before Brett worked his gorilla-glue-sanding-painting-expertise on it. It was a mess – it was barely one piece – and the drawers wouldn’t stay in their places – it was peeling and a gross brown color.   

I am pretty certain Brett was not initially thrilled with my purchase.  But nonetheless this diamond in the rough has found its forte! Here it is folks:


I couldn’t be more pleased. And by the way this fabulous piece of furniture….$8. YUP. I bought it for 8 buckeroos. A lot of paint, some hardware, and a bunch of elbow grease and we have us a bit of change for less than $30!


So, this seems like an appropriate place for a shameless plug for my husband’s painting business. Brett (husband) and his friend Jason are Co-owner of QC-Painting,  they are the best around – so if you are looking for a painter give me a holler and I can hook you up…check us out on Facebook here.  No need for painting, but in a giving Spirit – help support our adoption by clicking the DONATE button on the right. We’ll have more details on this front soon but know our bottom line will likely exceed $20K.

Ok, ok – back to business.  This blog is supposed to be about adoption after all. So here it goes – change. Our entertainment center isn’t the only change we are going to see around here. We have a change coming in our journey. And this change – well, it is going to be good, promising, healthy, and worthwhile. It is change we can count on. (Please note, this is no way a political commercial nor should this “change” be compared to the change promised in that arena…k.)

Keep us in prayers folks.  Really, we treasure your prayers and need them to break away the enemy and stay the course. Adoption is the LAST thing the enemy wants.  This change will require a gob of faith and obedience. Please lift us up, our babe to be and the sweet birth mom and dad that choose life for their baby.

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One Response to An Entertaining Change

  1. themrs says:

    yay for all of your changes 🙂

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