An Awkward Conversation

A year ago today Brett, myself, and two friends traveled to Cincinnati to attend a Zoe Foundation Fundraiser.  Our intention in going to this fundraiser was twofold – 1st we wanted to financially support The Zoe Foundation (not that you have to go to a fundraising event to support them 😉 )and 2nd because we had/have hope and dreams of bringing adoption and adoption awareness to our city.  

Two things – pretty simple, right?

The founders of The Zoe Foundation, Randy and Kelsey Bohlender both spoke.  Without getting into great detail, just know that the Spirit was moving.  They spoke on whys, needs, and briefly on the hows of adoption. At some point Randy said “some of you are going to have an awkward conversation on the way home….” 

Meaning – some of you came here for one thing and are going to leave here hearing the Lord calling YOU to adopt….

And we did.

While our conversation didn’t happen on the way home it did happen the next day. I can remember driving the next day and the Lord pressing heavily into me regarding us adopting.

 I couldn’t not think about it.

 I was so overwhelmed by it that I remember becoming frustrated – and saying LOUDLY in my car “Lord, if this isn’t you, if this spinning in my head isn’t you take it away now.” It didn’t hasn’t stopped. 

As it turned out the Lord had been pressing into Brett, throughout  the day, in much the same way. CONFIRMATION! This surely was the Lord. We spoke briefly and decided we would talk about it after the kids were in bed.  

We had never spoke to Noah about adoption or adopting  -but that evening as we got him ready for bed he pointedly said to us “Mom and dad do you know there are kids out there that do not having mommy’s and daddy’s?”

It was in that moment that we said “yes” to our own adoption journey.

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  1. mom says:

    Love the entry, Ang!

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