Feast Your Eyes on This!

Feast your eyes on this warrior!

No, no, no he isn’t ours – had you thinkin’ for a minute though didn’t I.

Meet Seth. A perfect sweet boy.  A little over 7 pounds.  A handsome red head. A baby.


Seth has long toes, and red wrinkly newborn skin.  He squeaks and cries, stretches and yawns. He looks like his two older brothers.

I held him for about 20 minutes this afternoon while he slept soundly. His mom and I talked about his delicate features and about his birth.

Seth was a surprise.  Seth is a miracle.  Without hesitation Seth’s mom and dad chose LIFE for this sweet boy.

Somewhere in her 1st trimester Seth’s mom, experienced some troubling pregnancy symptoms. An ultrasound revealed a rare and potentially serious condition – one that could- maybe – threaten mom and baby’s life.   Within days of the initial ultrasound Seth’s mom saw a specialist (not in her hometown – for those of you reading this who know this Mom’s OB). The specialist took a quick look at the ultrasound and with little hesitation suggested terminating the pregnancy.

For Seth’s mom and dad terminating the life of Seth was never an option. But the words that fled from that specialist’s lips were very real.  They could have, in those minutes, or days, following the specialist’s suggestion ended the life of their baby.

But they didn’t.

Instead, they cried. They prayed. They pressed into the Lord.

Within weeks of the initial scary diagnoses the troubling and potentially life threatening condition had healed.



Seth’s name means “Appointed.” The Lord revealed the name “Seth” to his mom and dad early in the pregnancy and they believe Seth is “appointed for greatness (in the Lord).”

What a blessing this sweet babe is.  Surely The Lord has a calling on this boy as He does every life. But that calling hung in the balance, if even for a moment, when the specialist spoke those “ending” words over him.  Seth is fortunate. Not every life is as fortunate.

LIFE. A beautiful gift. You might wonder what this post has to do with adoption. Without getting into a long explanation know this: Every time someone says “yes” to adoption they offer LIFE to a baby that otherwise might be aborted.  Give LIFE to a baby and give hope to a birthmom  – adopt.

As Randy and Kelsey Bohlender say in their book The Spirit of Adoption; “Adoption is to abortion as the underground railroad was to slavery.”

Blessings Friends.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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One Response to Feast Your Eyes on This!

  1. themrs says:

    i will never forget katie sitting in my living room the day of that appt ( i had the boys!) she said to me “they kept using the word terminate, as if they weren’t saying i should kill my baby.” those profound words are a reminder of the medical community’s desire to make abortion a “medical procedure”… it’s just a termination. it’s not a baby. Seth is a beautiful example of one family’s faith and trust in the Lord and the power of God to supersede anything this earth tries to tell us!

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