The Spirit of Adoption

Quickly – per the previous post. No news, yet. As always keep the birth mother in your prayers.

It was some 4ish years ago I clicked my way from one website to another eventually landing on the blog of Derek and Renee Loux. It was in that serious of “clicks” and “clicks” to follow that God birthed the Spirit of Adoption in my heart. It was from that blog that I found Tracie Loux’s blog and then Randy Bohlender’s blog….and then several other blogs – all of which continued to drum up the cry of the orphan in my heart.

I still follow those bloggers today. God continues to use them in our adoption journey. A little over a year and a half ago Derek Loux (from the first blog mentioned) passed away in an auto accident. Tragedy, to say the least. Derek’s heart for the orphan was unstoppable.

Derek would have been 39 last week and in his honor his sister is helping another family raise the funds for their adoption. A young boy with Down ’s syndrome named Ivan. Tracie has asked 600 people to give $10 a piece. If you would like to give to the adoption of Ivan – click here – this link will take you to Tracie’s Blog where you can read a bit about Ivan and his to be forever family then click the “CLICK HERE TO GIVE.” At the bottom of her post to give.

You never know, maybe these “clicks” will birth the Spirit of Adoption in your heart as well!

Be Blessed Friends. We are so glad to have you on this journey with us.

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One Response to The Spirit of Adoption

  1. Michele Nordine says:

    done and done…please keep me posted!

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