What to Share?

We (Brett and I) haven’t really discussed what parts of our adoption journey we will share publically from here out.  So, well…Brett doesn’t know I am going to share what I am going to share.  Read between the lines…I could be in the dog house for this one…or not.   

But, if one of the reasons people chose not to adopt is because of the “unknown” about the process then maybe sharing the ups and downs of said unknowns will shed some light on that fear – allowing others to say YES to adoption. (Hello, run-on sentence!)   Though I suppose it could have the opposite consequence and scare people off….but I have never been one to buy into the “ignorance is bliss” campaign

So what will we share? What should we share? Are there things we shouldn’t share? I don’t know the answers to all of that. But my gut says share…be vulnerable.

All that to say, when the time comes, out of respect and love, we won’t be divulging information about the birth parents.  I’m guessing you get this. 

The thing, from what I have read and heard from friends, is that from here out adoption is a risk.  We are putting our hearts our emotions on the line. We could potentially emotionally invest in, prepare for and hope for a babe that will ultimately not be ours.  It’s the way it is. 

Birth mom’s change their minds all the time.

So, while the previous blog suggested that we are likely at the bottom of the pile with our agency, it seems that maybe that isn’t so much the case.  Meaning….our profile (among others) is being presented to a birthmother TODAY!  

Reality is setting in folks!

If you think of it keep this birth mom an every birth-parent out there in your prayers today.

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One Response to What to Share?

  1. Michele Nordine says:

    oh Angela!! I am so right with you on the sharing piece. Hearing about your journey and the Hatmakers has done exactly what you predicted…it has erased fears and only made the adoption flame glow stronger and stronger! So for my benefit, please share, share, share!!
    I imagine that adoption is a risk, but having a baby is just as big of a risk. Just ask my sister in law and mother in law who both carried babies to full term only for them to be stillborn. They both went on to have beautiful children. And all of us get something. My friends adopted kids have many issues. My sisters bio kids have many issues. To be light and quote Gigi, “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” That goes for me too with my bonus kids. I have a birth parent in my life that I could strangle daily!!!
    My point, as humans, as Christians, we cannot love like he commands and have fear too (1 John 4:18). We must press on and with every rejection, or tragedy, or trauma, or minor setback, our faith only grows stronger. I know you know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just know that I am cheering your family on and praying.
    Can’t wait to read more sharing!!! the good and the bad!

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