We’re Live!

We’re “live” folks!

We met with our adoption agency Friday morning to discuss how the actual adopting process will go down and to give our profiles to our “agency lady.”

We are officially on the waiting list…more on that list in a minute.

It was a Fantastic meeting, great. When paging through our profile our “agency lady” got a tear in her eye. She has two adopted children herself and has a heart for the Orphan. We were moved, and relieved. We love her.

So how does it all go down? Cliff notes version: Birthparents contact our agency – our agency gets to know them – based on that knowledge our agency picks out several adoptive families and gives those families profiles’ to the birthparents for their review – birthparents pick out family or narrow down choices – when we are “picked” we will receive information about the birthparents and baby – if we are interested we will meet and/or communicate with said family – when both parties agree we will be considered “matched.” Then we wait for the baby to arrive. Knowing, all the while, adoption is a risk, and the birthparents could change their mind at any given moment.

We will remain with our current agency and continue to put the adoption consultant on hold     😦 even longer due to the financial changes brought on by the “JUMP.” That said, our agency works almost exclusively with infertile couples (which we didn’t know until Friday….reason #61,243,354 why an adoption consultant is the way to go). Our agency has 36 couples waiting for a baby, we are the only couple adopting for reasons other than infertility. Sigh…

Adopting because of infertility is an excellent reason to adopt. It is the “traditional” reason to adopt. It is a blessed reason to adopt as Psalm 113:9 declares, “He gives childless couples a family, gives them joy as the parents of children. Hallelujah!” (The Message Bible). Our agency is doing KINGDOM WORK! Orphans are being placed into Christian homes. Their calling in the adoption world is more bent towards those couples battling infertility.

But where does that leave us? It seems, maybe, that it leaves us at the bottom of the profile pile. Ugh. So, here is the thing – while adopting because if infertility is a wonderful reason to adopt, it isn’t the only reason, and it isn’t our reason. Our reasoning to adopt can be read here.

Simply put, we love children. We love the Lord. Our hearts ache for the Orphan. The Lord calls us to care for the Orphan (James 1:27). If the shoe fits….

Friends, we have some decisions to make as far as whether we should work with an additional agency, go the consultant route 🙂 , or just hang tight where we are.

Would you keep us in prayer?

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