So what is going on in our adoption world?

Phew! Have we had a couple of crazy weeks around here!  The Lord is moving in a mighty way in the Boblitt household.  We are on a crazy ride, we had buckled in, and buckled down, and responded to the Lord with a joyful and obedient “JUMP” spirit.   

To give you a full picture of what is happening with our adoption I’m going to back up and give you a bit of a play by play of the last several weeks –in hopes that I can communicate how God is working all things together…

I have served my church as the Director of Youth ministries for 8.5 years.  That is a LONG time considering the average youth director lifespan is 18 months, yes, 18 months. And it has been a GOOD and blessed 8.5 years.  Several months ago I began feeling what I have come to call a “Holy Discontent” surrounding my position as a youth director.  We prayed into that discontent, fasted, sought counsel and wrestled with the Lord.    

In the midst of this, one Sunday while leading a prayer exercise with the youth , where we would pick a picture from a stack of still shots and ask the Lord to speak to us through the picture, I drew this picture:

The Spirit rose in my gut, knowing, but not wanting to admit, that the Lord was asking me to “jump” and step out of my youth director position.  Really, Lord? I don’t have a new job?  What about our adoption, Lord? Adoption isn’t free, ya know!  I wrestled, I cried, I pushed the feeling down, plugged my ears, and pushed forward.   

Even with as much running and pushing down I was doing I was STILL wrestling this with the Lord.  In early June in desperation I begged that Lord to tell me when I should step out of this position –step out of a job that has brought me much joy, a church that has been wonderful to me and my family, and youth that I adore.  That night I specifically asked the Lord to reveal his plan to me in a dream.   

That night I dreamt I was walking on a huge calendar….it was the month of July. GULP.  Now, I’m not going to lie – I tried to discount this – call it a coincidence or blame it on the jalapeño poppers I ate before going to bed….but I knew, I knew the Lord was calling me (us) to JUMP. 

In the weeks between the dream (early June) and the beginning of July several pivotal conversations and much prayer took place surrounding my job. In the end God made it clear NOW is the time…July.  




So, here we are – in the center of God’s will, and friends, we KNOW it is good. Hard, yes. Scary…yes, in a worldly sense.  Are we sad to leave our church home – extremely.  Do we know what is next…no.

Will we move ahead with our adoption? YES!

We finalized our decision to step out of my job on a Thursday.  That evening Brett and I discussed our adoption plans, wondering if it was something we needed to put on hold.  We just didn’t know.  We needed confirmation from the Lord, we needed to know that this adoption was part of his plan for us.  We prayed into it…and went to bed.

That next morning, we received an email saying our home study was ready to go! Whoa, yes! My mind flooded with emotion – is this you Lord? Is this the confirmation…. I prayed for more.  In the 10 minutes following my prayer for further confirmation I got an email from PayPal saying a donation had been made to our adoption fund.

It was our first donation.  

I cried.

And I heard the Lord say “I’m in this.”

Folks, we’ve jumped. We haven’t landed.

 We’re in it for the long haul.  

We are meeting with our adoption agency later this week – keep us prayer. Thanks.

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