The Dream

So we are on our way to being “Home Study Ready.”  The work, as for as the home study, is finished on our end.  Now the study itself is being written – by our social worker. PHEW!  While there was a LOT of paperwork and it the home study entails doing a lot of running around NONE of it was difficult.  It was just a matter of gathering information and putting it in writing. Not rocket science. Not hard.

I tell you this just in case you have been considering adoption yourself and your excuse not to has been, “I’ve heard the home study is difficult and you have to jump through all kinds of hoops, and you must have an exceptionally clean home and have it all together.” Now you know – that’s not the case – your excuse has just been debunked…

Excuses, excuses….we all have them – for all kinds of things. personally, I can come up with a seemingly legitimate excuse not to excercise at any given moment….you know what I’m talking about! But what about excuses not to adopt. 

Let me tell you – I have those excuses too. One by one the Lord has revealed to me the LIES I have come to believe in said excuses. In the past 4 years my top three excuses NOT to adopt have been: 1. Money – we don’t have it, it is too expensive, there is just no way we can afford it. 2. Space – my kids will have to share a bedroom. I never shared a bedroom – every child SHOULD have their own bedroom. 3. Crazy – people are going to think we are crazy, we have and can have biological children, our family is so nice the way it is – this was not part of our original plan.

That’s it: Money, Space and CRAZY! 

Now, while the Lord has and CONTINUES to remind me these excuses are mere lies from the enemy I still tend to find myself believing them from time to time.  Our adoption journey is very much a leap of faith – why? Doing this – moving ahead with this adoption doesn’t fit THE DREAM. 

What DREAM? The American dream. The big house, 2 kids, a dog, white picket fence, more-than-comfortable-retirement-plan DREAM. It just doesn’t. 

I believe the American Dream has taken stolen (and who steals??? Satan) the place of God’s dream for this country.  On Easter morning I was in a public place, not necessarily a church, just a public place, when I over heard a conversation regarding the “American Dream.” Two 20 something men were discussing how all they wanted was to achieve he American Dream – that that dream was what they lived for and that they were willing to step on and push over anything and anyone to obtain THE AMERICAN DREAM…I heard their conversation end (yes, I eavesdropped all the way to the end of the conversation)with one of the men saying this “If I can’t retire with a house on the beach and a house in the mountains I haven’t lived.” 

My heart sank. “Haven’t Lived?” Really?  Easter morning, the morning when the Body of Christ celebrates life and triumph and sacrifice and pure love and a NEW DREAM, I was quickly reminded of THE DREAM that has stolen so much. I was reminded of the dream for comfort. The dream for status. The dream for money. The dream for space. The dream to blend in and not appear crazy. The American Dream.  Lord knows, I have dreamt that dream.

On that note, I hope you will take a moment to watch the video below put out by The Zoe Foundation. It’s Titled “Common Objections to Adopting.”  

Pretty powerful.

On another note – we truly believe the adoption journey we are on right now is a small (but so important) piece of a large picture. Brett and I love The Zoe Foundation. The Zoe Foundation is equipping churches to be adoption ready.  We believe God is stirring the Body of Christ in Springfield to be adoption ready – it is our prayer that the Lord would continue to open doors and move hearts in this direction.  If your heart beats in rhythm with this I encourage you to check out The Zoe Foundation – then let’s make a date to have coffee and pray and see what God has for the city of Springfield. 

Adoption is the Heart of the Father.

Thanks for joining us on this journey.

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One Response to The Dream

  1. themrs says:

    awesome, awesome, AWESOME! so very excited to share your journey. we had always talked about adoption, maybe somewhere far in the future… (like when we don’t have seven people in a two bedroom house 🙂 and for the record, i actually think it’s GOOD for kids to share a room! keep writing sister!

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