The Why’s of an Adoption Consultant

Hey, all… sorry for the extended delay. I was, umm, fasting from blogging! Ok, ok, that’s not really the case.  I just plain old didn’t have a lot to say.  Honestly, I’m not sure I have anything to say now, but I have a severe case of “I-haven’t-blogged-in-a-very-long-time-people-are-are-going-to-wonder-if-we-quit-this-whole-adoption-thing.”   

So, to answer your question, (because you are wondering, right??) “have we quit this adoption thing.” No, no, no, of course not.  We are working feverishly on the home study.  We are filling out financial reports, obtaining arrest records, which we have none, reading books (per our social worker) and anticipating our Cultural Diversity class that we will attend on May 21.  When all of that is done, plus one more meeting with our social worker, we should officially be “paper pregnant.” 

And then we wait.

Well, almost.  We haven’t begun our family profile.  A profile is “document” or “booklet” about our family – it will be made up of a letter to our birth-parents from us, a few paragraphs about us and several pictures of our family. (This reminds me we need to schedule a photo shoot with Chrisdee Photography).  This profile will be handed to pregnant mom’s and dad’s that are looking for a family to place their baby in. It is important that our profile is done well!  This is one of those times when first impressions mean EVERYTHING!!  

We need guidance in this process – and not just in putting the profile together, but in the entire adoption process.  For this reason we feel the Lord has directed us to Hannah’s Dream Adoptions.  Hannah’s Dream Adoption’s is based out of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City.  Hannah’s Dream has something called adoption consultants. An adoption consultant does a LOT!  First, they will walk us through putting together our profile. As you can imagine birth-parents are full of emotion. They have made the incredible and heroic decision to give their baby life and place it in the hands of others, often strangers, to raise.  It is important that the profile we hand them is good and appropriate.  The consultant will guide us in this.  Hannah’s Dream has connections to agencies and birth-parents all over the United States – they know the adoption laws in each state and know the warning signs of an adoption situation that looks “unsafe.” Basically a consultant will answer our questions, protect us and educate us on adoption law, save us money in the long run, and quite possibly shorten our wait time.   Lastly, but so, so, so, important Hannah’s Dreams works hard to make sure that every birth parent is cared for and honored the way they should be.  The birthparents are not left hanging…they are cared for.

So, why haven’t we applied for a consultant already?  Well, that boils down to a DELAY, a fun delay from none other than the IRS! While our tax refund won’t cover the entire $2000 consultant fee it surely will help – if we ever get it.  After a 30 minute conversation with the IRS last Friday night I’m not counting on getting that money anytime soon, if ever. Seriously.  Ugh.

So that brings me to another subject, the cost of adoption.  Adoption cost’s money.  A.Lot.Of.Money. Our prayer is that when all is said and done the total cost of the adoption (home study, consultant, agency, lawyer, travel) will come in under $20,000. I will elaborate on this subject in another post – but we will be doing some fundraising.  We are thinking about a 5k Run/Walk. Of course, we know that adoption is the Heart of the Lord and that He has placed this on our hearts and that He will fund it one way or another.  

Last but not least – I encourage you to subscribe to our blog so all updates are sent directly to your email inbox.  Simply type your email into the box to the right and then click “mash here to sign up.”

Thanks so much for joining us on our journey –more later!

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3 Responses to The Why’s of an Adoption Consultant

  1. tracieloux says:

    LOVE THIS! 🙂

  2. angelaboblitt says:

    Thanks Tracie!

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