Safety Audit – Check!!

Well…..we passed our safety audit with flying colors – which is great but also means I am not in “need” of a new entertainment unit.  A little bummed.  Actually the audit was simple, a mere walk through of the house.  The social worker didn’t even LOOK in my closet, which, by the way, I did clean organize, sort of.   

Brett had his interview just before the safety audit and I had mine Tuesday afternoon.  Both went well and didn’t warrant the anxiety we had allowed.  We have come to the realization that our social worker is ON OUR SIDE!!  She isn’t coming to our home to find bad things or be critical but really (because we are OK people) is a cheerleader for us.   

We are still busy taking care of paperwork, reading assigned books, and beginning our family profile.  The profile is a self made “book” that will be shown to potential birth parents.  It is their first glimpse into our lives.  It MUST be done well as this is one of those times when first impressions mean EVERYTHING!! 

Thank you all for your support and prayers!  We are so excited to you join us on this journey.

More later.


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